Tight Hip Flexor

Tight hip flexors have a great impact on your health. That is why you need to act now. You may not be mindful of it, but tight hip flexors can damage your overall health. Some people fail to understand why tight hip flexors are dangerous to health. To keep you familiar about the tight hip flexors, here are the possible health issues that are caused by it.

  • You may walk with discomfort
  • Irritating joint pains in your lower back, legs and hips
  • Digestive problems      
  • Hips locking up
  • High level of anxiety and depression
  • Compromised immune system
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Circulatory issues
  • Lack of explosiveness in sports and in the gym
  • Sluggishness in day to day life
  • Bad posture
  • Loss of sexual performance

When you suffer one or more of these health problems, then you must act to unlock your hip flexors. It is the way for better and longer life. Tight hip flexors affect almost everybody. Unfortunately, only a few realize the impact of it on our body. You must be aware that everything flows through the hips. Think of your hips like it is a barometer. The flexibility and health of your hip muscles reflect the health and strength of your whole body.   

The Function of Your Hips

Your hips are considered as the bridge between the upper body and lower body. It is located at the center of your body’s movement. So, make sure that it is in the best condition. Psoas major muscle is one of the two muscles that composed the iliopsoas. This muscle is sitting within the hip and lower spine. The psoas is also known as “mighty” psoas because of its important role in the movement of the body. It is the only muscle that joins your upper body to the lower body.

Your hips have important functions, so you must unlock your hip flexor to move freely. Some of its functions include:

  • It helps you to attain the highest performance in your daily work and other physical activities.
  • It quickly drops unwanted body fat that stubbornly clings to the body.
  • With this, you can train heavier and harder, and gain more strength, than you thought possible.
  • It also helps you to reach the peak of your sexual health.
  • It can boost your mind and body with an optimum level of energy and vigor.

To sum it up, this hip muscle is really important when it comes to the core activity of your body. On the other hand, when the psoas muscle tightens, serious troubles can happen to your body. Tight hip flexors are detrimental to your health.

Sitting Damages the Psoas Muscle in Your Hips

When you have a sitting job, you have a high tendency to have tight hip flexors. Even though you are an active athlete or exerciser, you can still suffer from tight hip flexors because of the amount of time you spend sitting. Thus, shortening, weakness, and tightness can happen in the muscle by sitting for long hours. It can also develop poor posture, stress, and tension. To avoid these complications, unlock your hip flexors now!   

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